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Olaplex – Is this the latest “Breakthrough” in hair coloring? – By Melanie Nickels

Originally posted on The Hair Color Review by Melanie Nickels:
Olaplex review September 2014 Thank you for visiting The Hair Color Review Website! For those of you who are new, or have never visited before, I’m Melanie Nickels, the Editor-In-Chief of The Hair Color Review website. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m…

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I’m a W-O-M-A-N: Halloween Costumes for the 21st Century

Otherwise known as:  “Why Do You Need To See My Upper Thigh?” First of all, I love Halloween. I love it because it’s during my favorite season, because it’s just a fun association in my mind from childhood (I’m from the time where kids went trick-or-treating alone once we weren’t kindergarteners anymore… the magical golden age…

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Hair Color Trends for 2015

The changes are already coming through the salon and the year is still yet to end! Eleu color lines are based out of the United States so we get a coveted first glimpse of what will be hitting the runways through our trend reports from each of our lines. We have the opportunity to see what England,… Continue reading Hair Color Trends for 2015