Eleu is a unique studio style salon that refuses to conform to the industry standard idea that amazing hair must come from harsh chemicals. Combining the inspiration of nature with the luster of modern luxury, we strive to create a collection of multi-tonal color effects using cruelty-free, vegan color and products. We believe that beauty does not have to compromise your health and a salon should be a place to relax. Because Eleu Salon is an ammonia & formaldehyde free environment, we use top shelf color brands: Original Mineral, Organic Color Systems, Kemon NAYO, and Davines A New Color.

Throughout the year Eleu also celebrates new and established artists and their works with openings that showcase ever-changing walls of visually arresting pieces available for purchase.

Complimentary coffee and tea and afternoon adult beverages are available. Eleu is a two station studio on Burbank Blvd, close to the 5 Fwy, Media Center, Empire Center and Costco.


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    1. Yes I do!! Is it just the hair that appears dry or is the scalp and body also dry? Water treatment (city water/tap water)can affect the overall moisture of the hair because it creates a Calcium deposit on the skin and hair – think about how often you have to clean the white scale deposit from your shower and that gives you an idea of what might be on your head and hair – For instances like that I like to suggest a mineral deposit remover like Malibu 2000 Crystal Gel used once or twice a month – that helps remove the deposits from the hair shaft and the follicles. Apple Cider Vinegar ( I use Braggs) in a spray bottle mixed 1 part to 3 parts distilled water is also a great way to do this more economically and its awesome for your entire body. Taking a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar daily will also help boost your immune system and adrenals, which can kick start your hair growth.
      Topically, my best product for my African American clients is Coconut Oil – just regular Virgin Non GMO Coconut oil. I also like to use Jojoba oil when I have dry skin to contend with. Adding Lavender Oil is awesome for split ends, its a natural anti bacterial and its does wonders for Calcium deposits – so its actually a great exfoliator. Rosemary oil is a fantastic scalp stimulator and the two together might be a great place to start. If you want to do this – I would take 4 oz of Coconut oil and mix in 3 drops of Lavender and 1 drop of Rosemary. I usually heat up the oil to liquify it , add my essential oils and then shake it up and then allow it to solidify. When I use it – I just take a spoon, get some out, emulsify it with my hands and then massage it in the scalp first and then work it through the ends. This can stay in your hair – or you can leave it on for an hour or over night. You will want to shampoo twice to remove it all, but it does make a great hairdressing pomade. Shampoos and conditioners are also something to look at – if you are using Sulfates in your shampoo that would be to harsh for dry hair strands – you want to use a Sulfate free product. The ones you find at the health food store are not necessarily the best choice. Some of them have too much essential oil and can actually cause your hair to be drier. With out seeing you hair and determining why it is dry, I would err on the side of recommending shampoo with Olive Oil or Shea Butter. I really like using Original And Mineral Hydrate and Conquer as a shampoo and then using the Amika Triple RX Mask when I have a guest in the shampoo bowl, following up with a coconut oil treatment.
      Nutrition is the next place to go to – it affects everything. I recommend Liposomal Vitamin C and Bioten at the very least and I am a huge advocate of clean eating – regardless of whether you are a Vegetarian or Omnivore . It makes a huge difference – if your adrenals are sluggish your hair growth will be poor.
      One last thing to look at:If you are an athlete who does not exfoliate your scalp the DHT that releases with endorphin spikes will also cause hairloss and slow growth.
      Hope this helps – I am happy to provide product recommendations – but without seeing your hair in person – its not always the best thing to do. I have excellent results across the board with Coconut oil and Lavender. If you don’t like Lavender, look at Ylang Ylang or Geranium as well.

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      1. Also meant to include males, afro-having males in particular. My scalp gets dry pretty quickly. I don’t think my hair gets too dry. Thanks for the advice! I plan on twisting it to get dreads and hopefully your suggestions help.


      2. That advice is pretty metro – for men or for women. I don’t do natural dreads, but I do make the synthetic ones and do Cosplay application. What I do know about dreads is that you want to be really careful about the products that you do use – you don’t want anything that will coat the hair because it can get nasty inside the dread and it can cause scalp irritation – There are a few good lines out for dreads in particular once you get started. I think sticking with the natural oils is going to be your best bet. It’s the same with braids, oiling you scalp and hair really helps with dryness and keeps breakage to a minimum, plus it makes you smell good 🙂

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