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Classic Mens Haircut – Staying On Trend By Going Old School


Longer on top with a lot of texture throughout, using the classic technique of scissor over comb. This is an older barber style form of cutting and lends itself well for the man who does not use products or tools to style his hair. Dan needs versatile hair at all times. He has to be able to change his look at any given time, so a haircut that requires him to wear gel, wax or pomade for it to look good is not going to work for him. He has a lot of hair with a growth pattern that will not style or grow out well if not cut properly. By using scissor over comb we can get the perfect texture so that he can just comb and go. It takes out the right amount of weight and thickness to allow it to grow out well, requiring monthly maintenance. It stays current, especially since barbering has happily made a huge come back. You can see more men’s haircuts on the “Our Work” tab.

This headshot  was taken about a week after his haircut.

The following video (which is pretty cool, so you should watch it) shows the haircut beginning to grow out and under a hat.

Fun facts about Dan: His last name is Wolfe, he does stunts, he acts, he is funny and he knows how to use a Sword!! A sword fighter with great hair! Love it!

Cool people come to Eleu Organics. Come in and ask for The Wolfe – we’ve got you covered for current classic mens hair.

If Dan looks like someone you want in your next movie, commercial or sword fight he can be contacted via Origin Talent : 818-487-1800 or 818-916-1195


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