What’s in a name

ELEU – I say it like this : eee – Loo . It’s totally not correct and I don’t care – It makes me happy to say it that way; I am an American with a California accent, i.e. I am naturally lazy with my words,Dude.

ORGANICS – because Organic products are used here, because referrals come organically through word of mouth, because Organic based cleaners are used instead of chemical cleaners, because the word Organic makes sense for a low emission salon. It makes Eleu something more.

Freedom in Greek is Eleutheria. Its root words Eleu and Elan ( how Latin works is a mystery to me ) mean “arriving at the place that you love finally” or in Hawaiian, “lively”, a rarely used girls name. It is also the name of a free spirited bartender that I met in Santorini, Greece. Seriously, how can this word not become one of your favorites. And how apropos that I, in all reality, named my salon after a Greek bartender. Go to Greece – you will immediately understand – and if you do hair, I know you are laughing right now and nodding your head.

Greece me at the bar

What happens at Eleu Organics is pretty darn awesome. There is no smell when you walk in the door . It is peaceful always. There is always fantastic art on the walls. You can relax, and if you have an auto immune issue you wont have to worry about your joints swelling, your breathing becoming labored or getting a headache. Our products are free of Ammonia, Formaldyhyde, Benzenes, Sulphites and Parabens. Amazing hair color , hair cuts and styling happen here.

You care about what goes in your body and Eleu Organics cares about what goes on it.


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