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I’m a W-O-M-A-N: Halloween Costumes for the 21st Century

Huge fan of this post! I am forever taking pieces of things to put together an entire costume. The costume industry is extremely skewed.

The Year of Halloween

Otherwise known as:  “Why Do You Need To See My Upper Thigh?”

First of all, I love Halloween. I love it because it’s during my favorite season, because it’s just a fun association in my mind from childhood (I’m from the time where kids went trick-or-treating alone once we weren’t kindergarteners anymore… the magical golden age of the 80s), because I love dressing up, and because – duh – candy.

However there is one particular aspect to Halloween which bothers me immensely as an adult woman. That aspect is the impossibly hard concept of variety in ladies’ Halloween costumes. I think you might be able to see where this is headed.

Why is this what I find when I do a search for “women’s Halloween costumes”?

Commercial Halloween Costume Choices

Everything is skintight, boob-exposing, and short short short. The point of this post is not “slut-shaming”, and I don’t even like the word ‘slut’ when…

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